Introduction of the functional tray

Patent application No. 03-0052291
The new concept of high functional sliver tray which is made up of silver nano with 99.9% purity

The effect of restraining over growth in the intial stage of rearing seedling.
ㆍIn a short time after true leaves developed after sprouting, it can maximize the effect of photosynthesis, and receive a large amount of light even on the back of the leaves. As a result, it can enhance the cell density in its body and have a effect on restraining over growth.

The effect of adjusting to the surrounding temperature in Summer and Winter
ㆍThe surface temperature on the silver tray is 5~7 degrees lower than the normal tray which could reduce the stress on the surrounding of the root. It can low the humidity of the air around the aerial part and decrease the incidence of disease caused by humidity.
ㆍIt is also good at manage the inside temperatures of the greenhouse to rise in a short time for rearing seedling in the winter. In addition, it is easy to manage the chilling injury and other problems caused by chilling injury.

The effect of restraining diseases and pests in the intial stage of rearing seedling.
ㆍIn the intial stage of rearing seedling, to avoid the inhabitation of the aphid, mites, moths, flies etc. which parasitic on the back of leaves, as well as to avoid the onset of the bacterias which are reproduced by fungal spores and bacterial strain.